Today 6th february is our 2nd wedding anniversary.. no words can describe how much i love him. i can't imagine how this guy can stand up with me almost 3 years since our first met.. and me.. tak pernah aku sangka dalam hidup ini aku dapat seorang suami yang sangat sayang kat aku(ye ke??). mse remaja dulu2, always i think that kawan2 yang lain akan kawin dulu just because i'm not a pretty one.. so many guys yang tolak aku sampai terjatuh meniarap atas lantai(kuang-kuang). tapi at last ada juga somebody yang dengan ikhlas sudi angkat aku dari terus bergolek-golek atas lantai tu.. and that was my lovely husband.. Thanks you so much for your care, love, and anything that you've given to me especially our ZARA.

Is I happy with my life rite now?.. of course I do.. i'm a perfect women rite now. daughter to my parent, sister to my brothers, wife to my hubby and mama to our beautiful ZARA.. w/pun kami hidup dalam serba sederhana, but we a happy to have each others. family and Love is priceless. Money tak janjikan kebahagiaan in our life. but we need money to go on with this life.

Thanks to Allah coz ketemukan aku dengan Mohd Redzuan bin Ibrahim sebagai teman hidup ku.. Hopefully our marriage will everlasting ever and ever..